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Referral Program-Save Money on your next service call

Referral Program

We, at Air Systems Mechanical, take our commitment to customer satisfaction seriously. 

We have developed a referral program that will reward our loyal customers for recommending their friends & family to Air Systems Mechanical. 

What this means to you is that anytime you refer our company to a new potential customer, you will receive referral bucks.  Referral bucks can be redeemed for any future services that we provide.  For example, your referral bucks can be applied towards the cost of air filters, duct cleaning, and Energy Savings Agreements. 

If you do not wish to use your referral bucks for a service that our company provides, you may redeem them for a gift certificate to Walmart or Home Depot.  As your referral bucks accumulate, you will be notified by mail from our office.  Please make sure that you tell the customers that you refer to mention your name when calling so that you can receive the proper referral bucks.

Please see the referral bucks chart below for more information. 


If you refer a customer who purchases a…..

You will receive referral bucks in the amount of…

For example…..

System (i.e. furnace, a/c, heat pump, boiler, etc.)


You refer your neighbor who    purchases a furnace, a/c & humidifier. You receive 40 referral bucks.

IAQ Accessories (humidifier, electronic air cleaner, etc.)


You refer a family member who purchases a humidifier.  You receive    20 referral bucks.

Service Call/Enery Savings Agreement


You refer a friend who calls us for a service call or ESA.  You receive 10 referral bucks. 


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After Hours SERVICE Available
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